Realtors – less sales and more advocacy

28 04 2008

When you think of the job of a Realtor, you inevitably think of a salesperson. Perhaps, a used-car salesperson. It’s okay – we’ve thought that too. But you know what. It’s not the same at all. Yes, we do work in sales, but we’re really acting as advocates on your behalf. We want to help you along the process of finding a home – whether it is your first home purchase or your fiftieth.

Anyone who can use the internet has access to thousands of listed properties on sites like And that is great. Why shouldn’t you be able to look for homes on your own? But that is only a small piece of the tools we have available to us. One of the many tools we carry is access to a networking system that allows us to know about properties coming on the market in the near future. Sometimes this means a home will sell before it is even put on the market, and well before you could even find it online.

The home buying process is typically very emotional. You are making a huge investment, not only financially, but emotionally. It helps to have someone on your side to provide objective information you need to make your decision.

Your job is to choose a property that makes you feel good and “at home.” Our job is to negotiate all of the different terms that are involved in the sale of real estate, including price, date of closing, date of possession, any repairs that might need to be done, earnest money, and personal property items in the home. We make sure that an inspection takes place, that the financing is in check and that the everything runs smoothly leading up to the closing. You pack your boxes.

We’re here for you. From start to finish, we’re here to advocate on your behalf.


Edina Realty = Closed transactions

25 04 2008

The ultimate goal in all real estate transactions is a closing. This is when the buyer gets a new house and, in exchange, the seller gets a really big check. It’s a happy day. And guess who leads the market in the number of closed transactions?! Edina Realty. The graph below shows how Edina has done in the last year compared to the other large brokerage companies in the metro area. Yup, that’s Edina Realty in red.

Why we blog

24 04 2008

So a few years back, someone/thing gave birth to a lovely invention – “blog” be thy name. What is it, you ask? The question really should be – what isn’t it. It’s online commentary. It’s a place to read your news. It’s a place to self-publish. And that is just what we are doing. Why are we blogging, you ask? Because we know someone out there (in the blogosphere) is reading. We may not know who you are, but we know you are there. And we want to be a part of it. Yes, we want to join in on the fun. We want to use this blog to keep our readers up-to-date on our business, fun events in Minneapolis, market statistics (a lot more interesting than it sounds), new industry trends, etcetera. We know you are reading – at work, at home, on your iphone on the bus. We know you are out there and we want you reading us. We are the (self-proclaimed) Next Big Thing to hit Minneapolis. So…read us. Check in frequently. Send us to your mother. Or brother. Or best friend. Before you know it, everyone is going to be reading and it’s going to be a big, fantastic…blog.

Who we are

22 04 2008

Together, Kelly and Jessica bring you a unique team approach that combines a wealth of experience, real estate knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to enable you to succeed in your real estate endeavors. Their passion for real estate and dedication to clients are the two cornerstones of their business that create an enjoyable and rewarding experience for clients that is simply unmatched.

Both Kelly and Jessica were born and raised in South Minneapolis and have deep roots in the area. After attending universities on the East Coast (Maine and New Jersey, respectively) both Kelly and Jessica returned to Minneapolis to start their careers in the city they love.

Kelly graduated from Bates College with a degree in Economics. After working for a real estate developer, she knew that she wanted to remain in the housing industry, but was looking for an area where she could make a personal impact and work directly with clients on a consistent basis. Real estate was a perfect choice. Kelly’s commitment to her clients is reflected in the way she so dutifully pays attention to their needs – constantly raising the bar in customer satisfaction.

Jessica graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Urban Studies and Community Development. After graduating from college, she worked as a marketing coordinator for one of the top law firms in Minneapolis, but quickly realized that her true passion was in housing. As a third generation in the housing industry, Jessica’s move to become a Realtor made perfect sense, and it is her keen understanding of the “ins and outs” of the housing market that sets her apart.

Together, Kelly and Jessica bring you a team of professionals that are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your real estate endeavors are met with nothing short of success.